Sponsorship Opportunity

Why you should sponsor

This Reality Show will offer the government at all levels, multinationals, corporate entities and individuals and general populace, the opportunity to generate awareness, boost the perceived image in agriculture/agribusiness, and gain positive media exposure for agriculture among youth in Nigeria. Certainly, the more you or your brand name is associated with this positive experiences or emotional show, the stronger your brand awareness will be.

In specific terms, the following possibilities are envisioned for your sponsorship:

  • Participation in redirection of youths focus to agriculture thereby reducing pressure on white collar employment
  • Boosting and supporting government initiative towards economic diversification
  • Putting your state and government or business at the front or centre thereby boosting your credibility. Sponsoring a reality show can mean a lot more than displaying your expertise to a large engaged audience
  • Brand awareness and media exposure; conference apps and maps will prominently display your logo and gain media exposure
  • Getting in front of your target audience and market; you will have access to large audience among who you can build relationship with
  • Increasing your reach and exposure to new business and people. The show will involve social media, magazine and newspaper advertising, radio, emails, tweeter, Instagram, and television commercials while your name/brand will be mentioned during these outreach campaigns
  • This Reality show is a great way event to generate quality leads because it will involve people actively interested in learning and improving aspects of Agric business operations and its value chains
  • Generating higher return on investment. Our Reality show event is with a very specific target market – broader target market and larger concentration unlike general advertising with higher cost but less concentration
  • Sponsoring Face of Agric Nigeria, a Reality show event is surely well worth your investment. It is a well thought-out and a wellplanned event that will generate quality leads, deliver great return on your investment, increase your brand reach and exposure, put you in front of your target market and best of all, build your brand’s authority

Unique Marketing Initiatives

As a sponsor, your logo signage, company collateral and information can be included in event marketing and promotional materials, press/media coverage, photography, backdrops, radio, television, social media advertising, talents and media photo-ops, product placements and more.

This will ensure national visibility of your brand and its wonderful contribution in support of this far reach impactful initiative.

Your business will also be included in our digital media strategy and our partnership will be highlighted on social network such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.