Coordinator Responsibilities

We are currently seeking state Coordinators across Nigeria, They will work closely with the national coordinator. The State Coordinators’ responsibilities include, but are not limited to: -Increase the awareness of FOAN programs in the states. This requires Coordinators to have a working knowledge of FOAN’s vision and mission statement, offerings and be able to market to and encourage participation into FOAN.

  • Develop and implement a State Implementation Plan
  • Create and implement strategies to promote FOAN in reaching its goal
  • Develop outreach opportunities that build relationships with businesses, residents, local and regional governments, economic development agencies, and other community-based organizations
  • Develop creative new ways to promote
  • Provide assistance to Agricultural related business in the region by implementation of initiatives that increase the awareness of FOAN
  • Complete reporting requirements as directed by FOAN and/or the Services and Support team
  • Organize community outreach and media events including speaker management, event marketing/outreach, and logistics


  • Leadership experience, especially with campus or community-based organizations
  • Excellent project management skills – detail-oriented, extremely organized and able to prioritize and manage multiple projects at once
  • A track record of achieving measurable results. (If applicable)
  • Demonstrated ability to meet strict deadlines under intense time constraints
  • Strong analytical thinking and problem-solving ability
  • Entrepreneurial self-starter, creative, collegial, hard-working, and demonstrates a positive attitude and strong ethical fibre
  • Ability to work well independently and collaboratively in a team setting


  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills – able to communicate with multiple audiences including public officials, business owners, property owners and residents
  • Strong demonstrated, public speaking skills – ability to speak effectively and persuasively


  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively with volunteers and to mobilize activism
  • General knowledge of power markets
  • General knowledge of new product development or business assistance
  • Experienced in event planning and media relations